Salmon can use magnetic field to migrate

Scientists have suggested that salmons use the Earth’s magnetic field to return to rivers  to mate.

Each year fish leave the rivers where they are born to reach the Ocean and then come back to their birthplace, once they have reach maturity.

It is one of the hardest migration in the animal kingdom. Many species of animals migrate, when they move to another place, looking for food or better climate, every year or season.

But the one of salmon is very tough!


An American research has suggested that salmon, but can be the same for turtles, seals and other fields, use the magnetic field to fin the route home.

It’s one of the most fascinating phenomenon of the natural world. Can you imagine how hard should be to find the way to a river when you are swimming in the Ocean? But salmon simply remember the magnetic field that existed when they left the river and, once they’re adult, they seek that again.

There are many theories for how this mechanism works and they rely on the chemical and geomagnetic characteristics of the planet.

It’s a sort of imprinting, a rapid and independent learnt behaviour which makes the animals’ world so mysterious and unpredictable!


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