Why is climate changing?

The Earth’s climate is constantly changing, even if you might not notice it.

When people talk about current climate change, they are mostly saying that the Earth is getting warmer because of heat-trapping gases added to the atmosphere. These gases are produced by burning fossil fuels- for example coal, petroleum and natural gas- or by other human activities and are called greenhouse gases.

foxAs the Earth becomes warmer, the world changes: glaciers are melting, storms and natural disasters occur more frequently.

The Earth’s climate has changed in the past but now it’s happening faster and differently because of human activities’ impact.

Fossil fuels are the main reason why climate is changing. Burning coal, oil, natural gas to power homes and factories releases carbon dioxide which is a heat-trapping gas, into the atmosphere.

Heat-trapping gases are also called greenhouse gases. If they didn’t exist, our planet would be incredibly cold! They exist to help keep the Earth warm enough for earthlings to live.

But now, people are releasing too much gases and the planet is becoming too warm. If this happens there will be consequences on our environment, on the climate and on animals and their habitat.


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