Why we need rainforests

Every forest is important because it is the home of many plants and animals and it gives to us the oxygen we need to survive.

However, among the others, rainforests are particularly important. These majestic jungles across the world are so-called because  it rains very often there and the climate is warm and humid. They exist in Asia, Africa, Oceania and America. The most famous one is the Amazon rainforest, in South America.

The Amazon is called the “lungs of the earth” because it’s the largest one on the earth and is extremely important for our planet.


It keeps the climate stable, by protecting the earth from floods and droughts because it captures a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). It also provides shelter for millions of plants and animals.

Also native people from the Amazon live in the forest.

Unfortunately this wonderful habitat is threatened by many human activities and we are losing many hectares because of deforestation . Over the past years, rainforests across the world have been destroyed to create space for cattle and plantations, collecting wood or extracting minerals.

Climate change is also endangering rainforests. The Amazon in particular is disappearing incredibly fast.

It is very important that we manage to safeguard these precious forests as our future might depend on them! Remember to check the source of the products you buy and choose sustainable goods whenever it’s possible.


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