The importance of bees

Bees are very important for our ecosystem and for agriculture. They play a crucial role in pollinating flowers. Pollination is the way in which the male part of a flower reaches the female part so that a new plant can grow.

Insects like bees are very important because they move the pollen from flower to flower. When the pollen reaches a flower, it finds the way to the pistils, which is the flower’s female part, where there are eggs. Once the pollen has reached the eggs, a new seed is created


For this reason bees are very important for us! Some plants just need wind to be pollinated but other trees and flowers need bees and other flying insects.

In the last years the number of bees has gone down for many reasons: pollution, urbanisation, use of pesticides, which are the chemicals that farmers spray on crops to make them more resistant and keep animals away.

You can help bringing bees back! Plant some flowers in your garden or on your balcony. Soon or later, these cute animals will come to visit you and they could make your flowers their new home.


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