Palaeontology is a science subject. It is the study of ancient animals that have been long dead. These animals may have died hundred of millions of years ago. A specialist in palaeontology, called a palaeontologist, will find and dig up … Continue reading

Tyrannosaurus rex


Its name means the “terrible lizard king” and everyone knows its sharp-toothed smile.The star of countless books and films; it could be no one else but Tyrannosaurus rex. Discovery: the first T.rex fossil was first found in 1902. Height: 5.6m Length: 12m Weight: 7000kg Where it … Continue reading

Palaeo News

Palaeontology is a science constantly changing. Here is the place to keep up with the newest discoveries from around the world in all things palaeontology. The latest news: A new pterosaur from the UK De-Exinction- bringing animals back from extinction

Aaron Faunch

My name is Aaron Faunch and I have a degree in Palaeobiology and Evolution from the University of Portsmouth. I am also studying Science and Environmental Journalism  at the University of Lincoln and I will hopefully graduate in January 2014. I write … Continue reading


Dinosaurs have wreaked havoc in books and movies for centuries. They have destroyed cities and feasted on scientists, adventurers and cavemen. But they are not some terrifying invention of a person’s imagination. They were real animals that walked across the … Continue reading