How Plants Purify Air?

Plants are the air cleaner in the nature.

On one hand, it absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air and vomit oxygen, effectively reduce the carbon dioxide in air and making air more fresh.



On the other hand, plants, especially forest or tropical plants, blocking, and absorbing the ashes in the air, refreshing the air.

In order to maintain life, human being have to take in oxygen and expire carbon dioxide.If the carbon dioxide in the air is too high, people would hardly breath and be toxicated. Plants are the only creature in the world to photosynthesis, besides, it is the absorber of carbon dioxide and producer of oxygen.

There are other plants which can take in toxic gas like sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. Besides, some plants could even take in some harmful radiation to human body, such as the cactus put in front of the computer could take in large amount of radiation sent out by the screen.


Have a Think

Plants are the air cleaner in the nature and they take in ( ) in air.

A. Carbon dioxide         B. oxygen                     C.ash

Answer: A