Do Flowers Have Age?

People gain age when a year passes, so are the trees grow an age after 365 days. But do you know whether flowers have ages? No! But why?


-Wikimedia Commons

Because no flower could keep blooming over a year. In this way, flowers’ age could not be counted by year, it could only counted by day or hour.

Orchid is a tropical flower, it could keep blooming for 80 days, which could be called the star of longevity in the flowers.The famous royal water lily could just keep blooming for 2 days.

There are some flowers with even shorter blooming days which could only be counted by hours, such as morning gloryetc. The shortest blooming flower is Cornflower, only blooms for 5 minutes to half an hour.

Have a Think

The shortest blooming flower is ( ).

A. corn flower                     B. peony        C. morning glory

Answers: A