Is Rafflesia the Biggest Flower in the World?

The biggest flower in the world is Rafflesia,which is also called Rafflesia arnoldii。It grows in the tropical forest on Java and Sumatra islands in Indonesia.


– Wikimedia Commons

The longest diameter of the petal is 1.4 meters. 5 blood red petals is spotted with faint yellow plaque,looking like luxurious topaz sprinkling on the red velvet.

There is a big disk in the middle of the flower with diameter reaching to 0.3 meter. It seems like a big basin. Although the flower is large, its seeds is very small, which would broadcast themselves by attaching to animals’ feet.

Rafflesia has neither obvious root nor any stems and leaves. It inhabit on the rhizome of the wild rattan in the tropical forest, absorbing nutrients to raise themselves.

It need only few days from grow to bloom. We can smell slight fragrance when it just bloom, but after 4 days when it began to wither,it has a smell of odour, attracting flies and insects to transmit flower powder for them. In few weeks, the flowers began to curl,becoming sticky mash.

Rafflesiawas found by English people in 1818 on the Sumatra. Now this flower is near extinction.

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